Financial Policies

Financial Policies

Reconstructive Surgery

We accept most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.  Please note we must abide by the terms of those programs.  This includes the collection of co pays at the time of service, having the necessary Passport provider’s information for Medicaid, and the need to get certain procedures approved prior to the surgery.


Cosmetic surgery

Initial Consultation for surgery

Our initial consultation for surgery takes 30-75 minutes depending on the issue. The fee is $100.  If the patient has a surgical procedure that costs $1500 or more, we apply the consultation fee as a credit towards the procedure. (Essentially, your consultation is “free” if you go forward with a major operation.)

Surgical fees

In planning for your surgery, a written price quote will be reviewed with you and a copy kept in your record and sent home with you.  This includes the surgeon’s fees and estimates for the SurgeryCenter costs (if general anesthesia is needed).  The surgeon’s fee includes the surgery and routine aftercare.  Breast implant costs are noted when appropriate.

Surgery, which can be safely done under local anesthesia, can be done in the office. The price quote tool is used to make clear the professional costs and the supply costs.

When more than one procedure is done at the same time, a “multiple procedure” discount of 10% is applied to the surgeon’s fee.


Botox® and Fillers

Initial Consultation for Botox® and fillers

I feel strongly that Botox® and fillers are not trivial undertakings and before I inject these materials into someone, I take 15-30 minutes and discuss their concerns to be sure the product will meet their expectations.  The fee for this is $100. It is NOT applied to the cost of the Botox® and the fillers.  The initial consultation fee is a one time event so is not repeated at future injections or consultations.

Timing of payment

Botox® and fillers are paid at the time of service. Surgical services are to be paid 2 business days or more prior to surgery.



We recognize that some patients need to do some financing to be able to afford their surgery and to have it when they desire to have it.  We work with 3 financing companies:

Care Credit

Surgery Loans                               

Health One Financial                    


These companies charge interest and fees for their services.  To be fair to the patients who are not doing financing, we feel it is only right to pass these costs back to the patient.

We accept Visa and Mastercard, but not American Express or Discover.

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